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7 Food Presentations
7 Food Presentations

7 Food Presentations

You can make even the simplest dish a very different experience with several different colors, several different textures. The important thing is that everything on the plate is compatible with each other in terms of visuals and flavor.

Art is basically defined as all the methods used in the expression/ expression of emotion, Design, Beauty. Art is the expression of creativity and imagination. Throughout history, ideas that should be called art have changed constantly, over time different restrictions have been placed on art and new definitions have been created.

For example, can we define the designs that guide fashion today as art? How can we explain the inclusion of a dress designed by Yves Saint Laurent in the Contemporary Arts section of one of the most prestigious museums? Could it be that the flashy pictures of the past have been replaced by the presentation of our casual clothes? What about table art? Is it possible to use the imagination for an aesthetic food presentation, to prepare dishes inspired by works of art? So, let's take a look at the suggestions for how you can make your artist personality stand out in the kitchen.

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