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21 Best Women Shoes
21 Best Women Shoes

21 Best Women Shoes

Shoes; by cutting the direct contact of the feet with the ground, protecting them from foreign substances and different weather conditions, as well as complements the elegance of all kinds of foot wear.

Leather fabrics processing of cattle, Veal and horse skins with chromium salts is obtained. Especially used in a large part of winter shoes, military boots, fancy slippers.

Glaze: obtained from goat skins is used.

Patent leather: it is obtained from large and small head animal skins. They are soft skins with very bright appearance.

Suede: obtained from the skins of young cattle, veal, goat, Capricorn, sheep or lamb.

Nubuck: the skin is sanded skin. Nubuck is short-haired and more full-bodied than suede.

Lame and Dore: Lame is finished leather painted in metallic silver, dore, metallic yellow. Skins of both types are mainly used in fancy shoes.

Nappa: more alive and full processed. The pores are not as pronounced as the Glase skin.

Zik: usually sheepskin is used. It is very thin and flexible, it is used as a garment.

Vegetal: vegetal processed completely natural or dyed skins. It is used in making accessories. During use, its color darkens.

Printed: after discarding the upper membrane, the upper level of the skin is prepared on metal plates and printed on the skin at high pressure and heat.

Cork: used in soles, heels and sandals.Mushroom powder, rubber mixture, very light and convenient.

There are many different types, such as boots,boots, sandals, heels, sneakers. It usually consists of the bottom part called” base “and the top part called” saya".

Since the shoe is worn due to contact with the ground, the sole is made using a more durable and thick material. Saya, which wraps the foot, is used in products such as leather, fabric.

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Today we will examine modern and stylish shoe models with you. Top-rated shoe models

Some are beautiful enough to be displayed in museums, while others have already taken their place in the closet of shoe enthusiasts. Here are the most popular shoe models of 2021.

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