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Mask Recycling
Mask Recycling

Mask Recycling

Hello, knitting butterflies. You know, as we enter 2021, we are under the influence of covid-19. First, I wish the patients healing and patience, and I hope that you will be fine as soon as possible.

We still need to be very, very careful about social distance, mask and cleanliness. The other two are in your hands. As for the mask, we have the most beautiful mask models!

Yeah, we're gonna make our own mask today. Our mask is completely safe because it has 3 layers. And it has a fabric that doesn't irritate the skin, doesn't make it hard to breathe. If you are tired of ordinary masks, if you want to use your own mask: choose the fabric in the color and pattern you like, here we go. We chose red with the effect of Christmas.

Mask Recycling 2
Mask Recycling 2

Our materials


Rubber rope


Sewing thread

Sewing machine

How to sew our three-layer mask is below with a video narration. Choose your fabric immediately and you will sew it easily.

Soon, our knitting mask model will be with you in a comfortable form that is completely safe and will not irritate your skin. Keep following us for more mesh models. Stay productive.

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