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+15 The Magnificent Aurora Borealis
+15 The Magnificent Aurora Borealis

+15 The Magnificent Aurora Borealis

Above all, the sun is what makes up the Aurora. We know that the sun is a constant source of heat and light for us, only the Sun also emits harmful rays and radiation. We are protected from the effects of the most harmful rays from the sun by the magnetic field around the earth.

There are continuous explosions in the sun, and as a result of these explosions, particles are ejected from the sun into space. In the sun, explosions called Crown mass discharge or solar flare are caused by magnetic field mixtures within the solar corona, which causes large masses of plasma to be launched into space. These explosions create solar winds and cause particles that can move through space at high speeds. These particles, namely free electrons and protons, are ejected towards the Earth by the solar winds along with the rotation of the sun. Charged particles are largely deflected by the Earths magnetic field, but some particles enter the Earths atmosphere and these particles collide with gas molecules in the atmosphere.These spectacular light shows and oxygen are formed at the end of charged particles from the sun colliding with nitrogen gas in the atmosphere. Because the Earth's atmosphere is composed mostly of nitrogen and oxygen gases, they collide with these molecules. These molecules, which gain energy with colliding particles, emit photons when they return to normal energy levels. The number of photons emitted is so numerous that it comes across as a light show.

In a nutshell, behind the polar lights lies the principle of Atomic stimulation. An Atom consists of a nucleus in the center and electrons rotating in orbits around the nucleus.

Here are the great visuals of Aurora Borealis

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