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20 Quilling Ideas
20 Quilling Ideas

20 Quilling Ideas

Hello, dear followers, is anyone as passionate about quilling as I am ?

So how did it happen, quilling ?

Quilling is a type of art that involves the use of strips of paper, fabric, glass or even fondant that are rounded, shaped and combined to create interesting designs. But now you can usually see examples where paper is usually used as a material. It is believed that this art received this name when the first practitioner used paper curl, feather. This type of art, also occasionally used as' filigree', was used to make ornaments and jewellery prepared by twisting and tying fine strands of silver and gold.

Yes, this branch of art has existed for centuries. During the Renaissance, monks and nuns began to use the remains of gilded paper cut during the production of books to decorate their religious paintings as an alternative to expensive gold strips. Quilling was then 18th in England. It has happened. It has happened. It has happened. It has happened. It has happened. and 19. it became a pastime for young women of the century to decorate tea sets and pieces of furniture with paper strips. Later, the practice spread to the Atlantic borders between other countries. Many decorations were used, from candle appliques to trays.

At first glance, examples show that this art is difficult, but not as difficult as thought, don't worry. If you are a little patient or are thinking of testing your patience, this branch of art is for you, you can turn any decorative product you buy or own in your home into a great design suitable for decoration.. If you need an idea about Quilling, you are at the right address, we have prepared great quilling ideas for you, and G videos will be with you very soon .

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